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Anafranil's generic name equivalent around the world is Clomipramine. To get your Anafranil cost savings now, please choose the strength of government-approved Brand Anafranil or Generic Clomipramine you need, and your prescription will be filled from our licensed, ISO certified pharmacy.

Brand Anafranil Generic Clomipramine?

What is Generic Medication?
Generic Drugs including generic versions of Anafranil are medications that are manufactured with the same active ingredient(s) and are therapeutically equivalent to their brand name counterpart. For example, the active ingredient in Anafranil is Clomipramine. You can purchase generic Clomipramine knowing you will receive the same quality and strength as the brand name Anafranil. We source the generic equivalent to Anafranil from different countries to ensure the best quality and the very best price. Do a cost comparison on our page to see the difference in price.

10 mg
See more package size options for 10 mg dosage:
Buy Anafranil - 10 mg
Buy Clomipramine - 10 mg
100 tabs
$90.77 per pack
$0.91 per unit
100 tabs
$83.05 per pack
$0.83 per unit
25 mg
See more package size options for 25 mg dosage:
Buy Anafranil - 25 mg
Buy Clomipramine - 25 mg
100 tabs
$144.54 per pack
$1.45 per unit
100 tabs
$95.64 per pack
$0.96 per unit
50 mg
See more package size options for 50 mg dosage:
Buy Anafranil - 50 mg
100 tabs
$168.46 per pack
$1.68 per unit

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Did you know that Med Center Canada offers the Generic Alternative to Anafranil at a lower cost than buying from your local drugstore? In most cases, buying the generic for Anafranil from Med Center Canada is cheaper than buying brand name Anafranil from us. Our pricing for Anafranil ranges from per tab.

The main benefit of purchasing Anafranil or the Generic for Anafranil with Med Center Canada is you get our "A Dollar A Day is All You'll Ever Have to Pay" philosophy. No matter where in the world you are, your medications should not be a financial burden. We guarantee the purchase of brand Anafranil or the Generic Anafranil 100%!

Anafranil and generic Anafranil, what is the difference?

Anafranil is a trademark & trade name owned by . To help consumers identify the manufacture's product source among other competitive products consumers might choose to treat including generic alternatives with the same active ingredient. We here at Med Center Canada, regardless if we sell Anafranil, may reference and fairly use the name, to accurately describe the generic aspect of a product. Furthermore, as a pharmacy and health professionals, we are licensed to discuss, educate, and promote for sale to the public medicines by commonly known names, such as Anafranil or its Generic Name Clomipramine so that, among other things consumers can accurately identify a product, be counseled, and make an informed comparison regarding their treatment options, before and after buying.

For comparative purposes, the generic in India costs much less than the brand Anafranil by from our pharmacy; you will find available for purchase here.

Clomipramine, a generic for Anafranil in India with the equivalent active ingredient; and for comparison Anafranil has the same active ingredient as the global generic.

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